This is THE way to get content on and off of a mobile device.

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is the easiest way I've found to get content on and off of our school mobile devices. I created a generic account specifically for that purpose (I have my own for professional and personal files) and the kids use it to download templates or instructions and upload created content to a central place where myself (the teacher librarian) and the teachers can see it all in one place.

How I Use It

The kids learn how to use it very quickly. Third through fifth grade have picked up the download and upload functions. Not everyone is quite as good at navigating specific folders inside of our mobile device Dropbox but that is still easier for me to fix than having to go to every individual device!
The setup took a bit of time but it was WELL WORTH IT because I will never have to do that again. We are good to go until the devices are replaced! Upkeep is minimal ... just a bit of rearranging if the kids don't upload their projects to the correct folders. And then if we get near the free storage limit deleting (or moving to student network folders) old finished projects.

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