Quickly eliminates need for flash drives and ensures that never again will I leave my house without a necessary document.

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Dropbox is fantastic. It is a one stop drop for all of my files. My students can also easily collect and tote around all of their documents. This is quickly becoming an essential tool for digital creation as my students can easily move raw footage and images between home and school.

How I Use It

I store all of my school documents in my Dropbox account. I have a nested folder system which helps me easily retrieve any file I want at any given time. The inclusion of a folder system on my desktop makes searching and finding extremely easy.
I also use Dropbox to host class files for my class website. Dropbox allows you to create unique URL's for documents which makes it simple to share handouts, audio files, PDF's and other class materials. This has streamlined my classroom as students always know where to look for past materials for studying or makeups.

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