Engaged and Involved in Rights

Submitted 8 years ago
Sandy W.
Sandy W.
Ripon Area School District
Ripon WI, US
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My Take

Students were required to read the directions and information in order to solve the problems in this interactive game. There were times that students were stuck on the next step, but most of the times it was due to not reading or following directions. "Do I Have a Right" offered a simulation that helped students understand the connection between government funds, citizen demands and how to balance the two. A modeled lesson at the beginning was helpful to get the students started in the game, especially if reading was difficult for students.

How I Use It

Game-based learning is an interactive way for students to learn about citizenship. "Do I Have a Right" offered students a way to learn about the rights of a citizen through a game offering decision making and application of laws. A slight introduction was given for the set-up of playing the game, but the directions were clear that students were able to follow directions to work their way through to a solution.