Learn to Think Like a Lawyer and Learn the Amendments

Submitted 4 years ago
Danelle Taylor J.
Danelle Taylor J.
Loma Linda Academy
Loma Linda CA, US
My Rating

My Take

I found this app to be a good teaching tool. It was fun to play and had enough choice and variety that it was engaging, while still learning the amendments. The voice of the clients was the voice of high school students or younger, and some of the issues were ridiculous, and may seem below up level high school students. That aside, the app was a good learning tool, that made students think critically and have fun.

How I Use It

This is app is a fun way to get to know the amendments. By playing the game for a few minutes students can become familiar with each of the amendments without any prior knowledge. The app has a lots of ways students can review the amendments as they work. While the game speeds up quickly, it still allows for plenty of points to move from one game day to the next, so students don't get discouraged.