Invigorate the Creativity!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Overall, I think this product is an example of what we need to ask more often from students: what do YOU want to create? So often teaching is constricting by asking students to emulate teacher examples or follow a set of specific directions. In order to create students that will grow into the innovators and creators of society, they must first be given freedom to explore their interests and talents, and this app can help with that.

How I Use It

This app lends itself to student-driven work; students get to choose his or her area of interest, learn new skills and share it with peers. Students gain badges for completion and can view and comment on others' creations. A teacher could use this to invigorate critical thinking and combine it with communication skills. The possibilities are broad for classroom application, but I can imagine the engagement will be high, as it is with most student-driven creative activities.