Communication Outside the Classroom

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Discord is a vast, yet useful tool that educators can use to center the classroom’s communication both in and out of the actual classroom. It can be somewhat tricky for tech novice educators to set up a discord server for their class, but the discord tutorials and guides for setting up servers and channels mitigate most of the upfront shock and struggle. It offers a plethora of features that some educators may be unfamiliar with, whereas their students might know them quite well. Discord is best used as a tool for older students since they are mainly the ones who utilize it in their own social circles and personal time and have the proper understanding for rules, etc. Teachers can set up text and voice channels where students can join together to discuss topics and teachers can even join to answer questions and concerns, overall increasing the effectiveness of educational communication.

How I Use It

Teachers set up discord servers for their class(es) filled with a variety of text and/or voice channels and other features which create a communication hub for interaction outside of the classroom; perfect for asynchronous and remote learning.