Engaging interactive that allows students to understand the pros and cons of technology immediately.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This product is very engaging and in a fun way demonstrates to the user the point of the lesson. I wish that the there was a way to incorporate the written component into the online experience. I would love also to find a way to fully engage my low literacy and ELL learners.

How I Use It

The interactives work really well immediately engaging students and quickly getting them to the point of the lesson. The accompanying written modules are a bit harder to work with. I usually edit them in order to work them into the class time frame. Also, I prefer for the class to be paperless and usually try to drop documents into either the school server or an online classroom. My non readers cannot really participate in all of the activities-they can move the pieces around but I am pretty sure they do not get all the messages-though the narration does help sum things up for them at the end.