Wow! Stellar Program to Promote Healthy Cyber Choices & Digital Citizenship!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

liked this program because it gives students the opportunity to thnk critcally and make wise choices (and mistakes) in a safe virtual environment where the stakes are low. Kids can practice making choices that they could find themselves in online and they also learn about potential positive and negative outcomes. Digital compass informs and prepares kids for potential dangers on the internet and it addresses serious issues in a fun and interactive way.

How I Use It

Digital compass was initally used in my Cyber Safety Unit for middle schoolers. I believe that this program can be used for younger or older students as well. Digital compass enhanced instruction and really made the lessons that I was attempting to teach come to life. Kids really enjoyed the program and are continuing to choose to play the game during free choice time even after the conclusion of the unit.