Dynamic lessons to learn about good character, digital citizenship

Submitted 7 years ago
Megan F.
Megan F.
Charlotte Country Day School
Charlotte NC, US
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My Take

I enjoyed this digital compass as a teaching tool for 10-11 y.o. students and they were riveted by the cartoon stories. We interacted with each decision and discussed why one idea was more safe/appropriate/showed good character. I think kids could play the games by themselves and signing up with an account or with their parents. Each story would take 15 minutes if you discuss with them the options. I think there is value in discussing the actions of the characters and every one has multiple options/endings that you can use to change the stories.

How I Use It

I taught this lesson over a series of days in my advisory/homeroom to a small group over 15-20 minutes. They enjoyed the activities and making real life decisions in the cartoon role-playing game that is designed to teach students how to make good decisions in online and ethical practices. We used the projector and a computer and played the game as a class and then made commentary about why one decision was wise and one was wrong. I advise introducing the terms about digital citizenship and then playing the game to practice the advice.