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Pros: The test correction feature provides individualized practice to reinforce skills.

Cons: The interface and practice sets aren't especially friendly or engaging, and it takes some time to set up the test corrections.

Bottom Line: Straightforward math practice with useful test correction feature.

DeltaMath's standout feature is the ability to link test items as test corrections. It does take some time to set up and link each test item -- especially for longer assessments -- but the individualized activities and self-scoring make up for this additional work. The problem log may seem overwhelming at first as it shows a time-stamped receipt for every question completed by every student; however, search options help filter through the clutter by student name, assignment, or skill. Teachers shouldn't limit their use of the test corrections to unit assessments. It could also be a helpful option to reteach and remediate anyone who may need a little review. Creating a warmup with unit prerequisite skills and then linking a test correction activity to guided question sets could help struggling students keep up with the class. Student problem logs update fairly quickly, so they're the perfect scorekeeper for whole-class challenges. Group students within a section, or pit one class against another to see which can reach a set goal or maintain the highest success rate.

DeltaMath allows teachers to create digital math assignments or test corrections for middle and high school students. All a student needs is an email address and a teacher-provided code or link to join. Students can easily locate upcoming, completed, and past-due assignments on their dashboard -- even if they have been enrolled in more than one DeltaMath class.  Along with multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank prompts, and timed challenges, question sets also include interactive modeling. A detailed solution is shown after every submitted answer, so observant students can easily learn from their mistakes and improve as they work. You can filter by Common Core State Standard (CCSS), grade level, or module to create assignments tailored to classroom needs, and you can look through each assignment, or view students' most recent attempts, to see both the individual questions attempted and the answers submitted. 

Through the test correction assignment, students are asked to indicate which problems they missed. Because the teacher has pre-linked each test item with a skill, students are automatically assigned a practice set tailored to their needs. Teachers can be creative when setting up scoring, requiring students to work a specified number of questions, reach a set goal of two or three correct answers in a row, or just earn back a partial point for answers reworked correctly. The program scores these attempts, and new test scores are displayed for both student and teacher.

Although there are many more features that teachers can access with a DeltaMath Plus account, the free account is straightforward and does everything it promises. Creating assignments is pretty intuitive, and the test correction feature could be a game changer for many math teachers who have struggled to find time to reteach and retest. While DeltaMath offers guided lessons only for a few skills, these sets are a quick way for teachers to differentiate assignments and an easy way to help students catch up or review. It's definitely not an interface that's going to thrill students, but even if you only use the free version for the test correction feature -- especially since you can save and reuse corrections once you've set them up -- it might be worth a look.

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Uncluttered design and single-question display keeps kids focused, but it isn't fun. Question options -- timed challenges, fill in the blank, and models -- add some variety.


Test corrections and the few interactive, guided lessons are unique, welcome features. Not all CCSS are represented, and guided lessons are not offered for each skill, but DeltaMath includes an avenue to request a skill or make suggestions.


FAQs and videos help users get comfortable with the program. Once in, students see detailed explanations taking the mystery out of incorrect answers. Missing language choice or read-aloud options could ensure every kid has access.

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Carrie Garges
Carrie Garges Teacher

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DeltaMath is a Teacher's Dream!

DeltaMath is awesome!! From a teacher's perspective, it is a dream come true. Frist, it is very easy to find problems and create assignments. You can quickly search for any topic, and see the results instantly. You can customize assignments very easily to pick how may of each problem-type students are doing. I LOVE how it tells you the average time required for an assignment when you are creating it so that you don't end up assigning too many problems. This is a really nice feature. It is easy to copy and edit assignments for different classes (honors, regular, C40, etc.). It syncs seamlessly with Canvas, which is amazing and such a time-saver. I love how you can pick specific sub-types of problems that you can select or deselect so you know exactly what kind of problems the students are getting. The data that you get from an assignment is amazing. You can see the percentage students are getting correct, how long they work on each problem, how many problems it took to get it correct, etc. This is a great way to find areas of struggle and check for student understanding. I also love how it mixes up the numbers for each problem type so that the problems aren't exactly the same, but they are similar. This allows students to work together and explain how to do problems rather than just typing in the correct answer. Students also really enjoy DeltaMath and the feedback has been really good. The interface (pictures, font, etc.) is very student-friendly. Students get help while they are doing the problem and can redo them until they get them correct. The visuals and the way DeltaMath explains the problems are excellent. They also have well-made videos that students can choose to watch to help them even further. I also love how you can add multiple late dates so that students can still get credit if they turn it in late, and the teacher can decide how much they will get reduced depending on when they turn it in.

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