Awesome task...students Build an Aquatic Habitat!

Submitted 4 years ago
Katherine K.
Katherine K.
Bayside Middle School
Virginia Beach VA, US
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LOVED IT! As the instructional technology specialist (coach), the classroom teacher and I worked closely to edit the task to meet the needs of her students. We limited the product choices to three to focus the students. We gave our students three product options: food web, Virtual Field Trip, Advertisement. We felt that the time constraint was an issue to offer the Models and Aquarium Maintenance Guide options. We liked the three product options in that they offered the students both digital and traditional possibilities.

How I Use It

The lesson introduction was fabulous and had the students totally engaged. The classroom teacher, completing her first year in our school, came to use as an education specialist from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. The students were blown away when she shared photos from her visit to the Dubai Aquarium! The students thought the layout of the Defined STEM project was great. It really kept them on task and involved. The correlated videos were well received as where the project options. Our students absolutely loved the Career Video highlighting those who create and build aquatic habitats. It was both entertaining and relevant to the age of our students. They also utilized the Aquarium in the Mall video for more ideas. Some of the articles were utilized by the students including Oceans in Glass and Aquarium fishes are more aggressive in reduced environments, new study finds. Our students did not use the Learning Objects. The additional knowledge gained during the completion of this task was great for the assessment aspect. I believe that the students were engaged and found the Defined STEM approach innovative and interesting. It was a nice change of pace from the traditional approach to information dissemination in the science classroom.