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STEM PBL Learning While Having Fun

I have been wanting to delve into project based learning and this helped to create the structure and give me the tools to implement it in my 4th grade classroom. Even my students who have special needs such as ADHD and autism were activity engaged in the activities. I loved the creativity that my students showed when creating the projects.
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Defined STEM: Great, organized addition to the classroom. Makes implementing projects easy.

I plan to do it again next year. I can't give a much better recommendation than that! As a teaching tool, I appreciate knowing what the reading level of the articles are so I can get things to my students who struggle, but they can still contribute. One thing I added was a jigsaw activity. I assigned each student in a group to read one of the articles provided. They then met with students from other groups who read the same article. After discussing the article the group came up with a list of important ideas from the reading. They took this back to their home group and shared what they learned from reading the article.
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C93ABDB2-151C-43E8-BE21-422C47010CAF Trip to Washington

I would adjust the numbers for the budget part to real life situations and add the meals $, transportation in more detail and extra item lines on the budget for souvenirs and stops. The students really felt this could be a doable project for them in real life....
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Great interactive website to engage students with problem solving real life situations.

I really like how I can add and take things away from presentations. This way I can make sure to meet the needs of my students.
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Defined STEM for PBL! This product helps teachers get going with PBL from beginning to end!

I loved Defined STEM, especially for teachers who don't know where to start with PBL. It gives them a beginning place to get going and all the resources required to complete it from beginning to end. I really like this product!
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A large selection of projects with highly developed supplemental materials. This was my first year teaching anatomy and my kids had a blast with all of the projects.

The projects are hands on, student centered, use technology, and develop engineering prowess. Some of the tasks are a bit too in depth for my kids but the I simply took what I needed and adapted the lessons as needed
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Awesome no-prep solution to student-led learning

I think it is a really great teaching tool. For teachers who are overwhelmed by the idea of doing an inquiry unit it is a great introduction to that as it is more constructed and doesn't allow students to go off on as many different avenues.
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Building a backpack brilliance

Being an English teacher, I had a hard time fitting this into class, but we took this to be using the he informational text standards. The kids loved doing this project. They worked together well and enjoyed each other’s ideas.
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Great way to inspire research in a STEM environment

Was a good starting point but required independent instructor support to guide students in research techniques.
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If you love PBL (project-based lessons) and UDL (universal design for learning) you'll love Defined STEM!

I subscribe to the school of thought that says the teacher should be a facilitator. A facilitator is the person who assists a group of students in grasping at their common targets and in achieving them without any intervention on her behalf. Therefore, when we say the teacher has to play the role of a facilitator in the classroom, this means that the teacher should not be the queen who controls the activities of the learners. She should grant the learners some space to let in the spirits of creativity and innovation. In other words, the learners must get involved into an active participation that would be represented in argumentative discussions and teamwork activities, so that the process of learning becomes comprehensive.
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