Daniel Tiger's Day and Night

Cute way to learn about routines, but more relevant for use at home

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Pros: The cute characters use an approach that's simple, gentle, and age-appropriate.

Cons: There's no order required for following the routines, and it's limited to morning and evening routines only.

Bottom Line: It's a charming way to help kids get familiar and comfortable with morning and evening routines.

Teachers can use Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night to help give their students practice with the idea of morning and evening routines. This could be helpful for kids who are just starting school, or for those who may need to better understand the differences between their home life and their school setting. While the app only covers getting ready for school or for bed -- things that happen at home -- it could also be a springboard to talk about routines for the classroom. In the end, how well you can apply Daniel Tiger in your classroom will depend on the nature of your classroom setting.

In Daniel Tiger's Day or Night, play starts when kids choose between day and night. The day routine involves waking Daniel Tiger up; listening to a song about his morning routine, helping him get dressed, eat breakfast, brush his teeth, put on his shoes, and go to school. The nighttime routine includes taking a bath, brushing his teeth, putting on pajamas, reading a story, and going to sleep.

Each task has an interactive component (like moving the toothbrush around to help him brush his teeth). Some have extra-imaginative features like watching a pancake do a little dance, or coloring Daniel’s pajamas. There's also a five-minute timer to use for countdowns in the virtual world (five more minutes for play time, or as a marker for brushing teeth). There's even an accompanying tooth-brushing song.

Daniel Tiger is impossibly cute, and his parents are gentle and loving as they guide him through morning and bedtime preparations. Kids will enjoy finding out what Daniel Tiger does in his house, and comparing it to what they do at home. While there's a song that stresses a particular order to the routine, kids can move Daniel through his day in whatever order they please. They can even send Daniel off to school without completing every task.

There isn't a natural end to any of the tasks -- kids have to actively choose something else to do. That means kids could stay brushing Daniel’s teeth indefinitely. This might be confusing to some kids, as it’s unlikely that they'll actually leave the house without getting dressed, or stay in the bathtub all night long. Also, these routines are strictly related home-time activities. While the virtual world certainly has plenty of school-related routines, this app doesn't address them. Depending on your classroom, the app might not be entirely relevant.

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Daniel Tiger is impossibly cute, and the graphics are clean and appealing. The simple games are age-appropriate. Little ones are likely to enjoy visiting Daniel Tiger's house again and again.


Kids gain familiarity with daily, real-life routines, but the app doesn't offer a natural end to the tasks. Also, routines are strictly related to home life -- the app could address school routines as well, but it doesn't.


Interacting with Daniel Tiger is easy for kids to learn. The app gives a gentle hint if they take too long to make a selection. Kids can move Daniel Tiger through his routine even without completing some necessary tasks.

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The app provides a helpful lesson and is age appropriate

I liked its teaching tools but would like to continue its use for a stronger opinion and would like to test the app in a larger audience setting.

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