"Type on me!"

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So with each class, the kids complete a stage. Sometimes I have them repeat the stage so that they increase their familiarity with the letters.
Since there is no log in, I write on the board what level and stage each class needs to work on so that they can start right away.
When the kids mistype, the character says "type on me" and the keyboard on the screen will flash with the correct key that the student should be pressing. Sometimes because they think it's funny, they purposefully mistype to hear that. But on the flipside, hearing that repeatedly can also frustrate them.

Quick tip for teachers who have student screens freeze up in the middle because of mistyping or taking the headphones off for a minute and bumping the keyboard, I tell my students to take the mouse and click on the screen where the keyboard is and it usually lets them continue typing from where they left off.

I'm not sure if anyone else is having the issue but often the screen freezes in the middle of the song and there's no workaround for that and the student has to start the stage over.

How I Use It

I use Dance Mat Typing with my Second Grade students as an introduction to typing. The kids like the animation of the characters and even the toughest kids chuckle even though they say it's "mad corny."

I like how it first focuses on the home row and then builds on from there in each following stage.