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Fun, engaging, and easy for young children to use and learn through!

I love this website so much and would continue to use it for any elementary school classroom, or for teaching students with disabilities. It is entertaining and teaches children quickly and effectively. I especially like that there is an option to have the keyboard on the screen, and it points out what key you selected, and whether it was correct or not. Super fun and would recommend to any teacher that does not already use it, or for people who need practice typing in general.
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Great interactive tool for extreme beginners

It's a great introduction program into typing. However, if teachers want to reinforce and stimulate further learning, they should look for another program to enforce that.
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Great Introduction into Typing... That's it

I would only use this as an introduction to typing, for it is easy to concept is hidden within a game, yet does not pose much of a challenge to older students.
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This is great app for educational purpose

My opinion on this app is positive because this app can make students to be interested in learning typing. the fact that this is a game app will make students to be persuaded to play which makes easier for teacher to make students to be engaged in participating in this app.
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Great introduction to typing

I think it is a great introduction to typing and learning how to place your hands. It is great for smaller kids. I wish I had a resource introduced to me like this.
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Okay typing game but it does not work with iPads and now has too many ads on it

It would serve better without the ads and going back to the original set up. The kids found it easier to navigate between stages the old way. Also it should work no matter what device you are on except for a phone. I just bought 10 brand new iPads thinking I could use this with them and now I find that I can't. I have to show those using the iPads a different game so that they can use them.
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Hands-on, leveled activity that allows students to practice and advance at their own pace,

I think it is a great practice tool. It does not teach students new techniques, but it does allow for practice at their own speen and level of those skills that have been taught. It can be accessed quickly and is effective even when there is only a short period of time available.
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Engaging typing site that helps with mastery.

This site is engaging and the students really enjoyed using it. It helped them learn correct finger placement. I really liked how they animals talked as they advanced in their mastery of typing. The students enjoyed it also.
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Engaging way to practice typing skills!

My students love seeing their progress when they pass off their level and get faster with their typing. This program is great for practice and can be engaging if you tie it to some kind of class incentive.
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"Type on me!"

So with each class, the kids complete a stage. Sometimes I have them repeat the stage so that they increase their familiarity with the letters. Since there is no log in, I write on the board what level and stage each class needs to work on so that they can start right away. When the kids mistype, the character says "type on me" and the keyboard on the screen will flash with the correct key that the student should be pressing. Sometimes because they think it's funny, they purposefully mistype to hear that. But on the flipside, hearing that repeatedly can also frustrate them. Quick tip for teachers who have student screens freeze up in the middle because of mistyping or taking the headphones off for a minute and bumping the keyboard, I tell my students to take the mouse and click on the screen where the keyboard is and it usually lets them continue typing from where they left off. I'm not sure if anyone else is having the issue but often the screen freezes in the middle of the song and there's no workaround for that and the student has to start the stage over.
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