Okay typing game but it does not work with iPads and now has too many ads on it

Submitted 3 years ago
Sally A.
Sally A.
Media Specialist
K–12 school
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My Take

It would serve better without the ads and going back to the original set up. The kids found it easier to navigate between stages the old way. Also it should work no matter what device you are on except for a phone. I just bought 10 brand new iPads thinking I could use this with them and now I find that I can't. I have to show those using the iPads a different game so that they can use them.

How I Use It

I use this game for teaching typing to my students. It does teach them how to sit properly and breaks down the keyboard for them. I am disappointed that it doesn't work with iPads as Flash Player is required. I'm also disappointed in how many ads I see on this free site. If a student clicks the wrong thing by accident, it makes them go somewhere where I don't want them to go.