An entertaining and free place to get students started with formal typing.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jamie M.
Jamie M.
Instructional Technology Teacher
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My Take

Can be entertaining but some students will lose interest. I would recommend it as one of a few typing practice sites in your toolbox. Should be noted that like most keyboarding practice tools like this, teacher observation and reinforcement are critical for success. If the students are doing it independently or at home, integrity on the student's part is required (i.e. they could move through the whole program hunting and pecking - never really developing their skills).

How I Use It

I've used this site with 2nd and 3rd graders to get them started with formal typing skills. Sometimes the site can freeze up and the students have to start over and considering there is no tracking of progress they have to complete a stage in a seating or start it over each time.