Even though I dislike typing practice, most kids love it!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Let me just preface this by saying that I do not enjoy typing practice. In fact, I don't know if it is even worth it. If we are to envision the future of technological communication, do we even really believe that the keyboard will not become obsolete? That being said, I don't think that typing practice is a worthy use of classroom tech time. However, some teacher demand it and push for it. If I am going to make them happy, I mind as well have the kids enjoy it. I have tried many different typing practice resources: Type to Learn, Typing Web, Typing Ninja, etc. Dance Mat is the one that kids like.

How I Use It

I see a group of 3rd graders for 45 minutes once a week. I will perhaps have them do this once a month or less. Just a little refresher. They like it, compare what level they are at, laugh at the songs. I will usually follow it up with a quick 2 minute typing test from www.typingtest.com. I keep track of their scores but really I just want to give them the exposure so when they do have to type a paper, they are ready.