This is a good website to use with younger students just starting out on the keyboard.

Submitted 9 years ago
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With technology changing so much, the keyboard is becoming more and more obsolete. With all of the new touch screen devices, students still have to know where to find the letters on the keyboard. I think this a good introduction to younger students to learn the keyboard. I personally feel the home row and tracking words per minute aren't as important as it was 10 years ago.

How I Use It

I introduce typing to students in 1st-2nd grade. They do love the cartoon design, and it keeps them interested. This product has very easy directions for students to follow. It introduces keys gradually, so it is easy for them to learn at a slow pace. I haven't found a grade level, at this point, that enjoys typing. They'd rather text or use a touch screen. I only have each class for 30 minutes a week, which isn't a lot of time. Students used this program for about 5 months, and I was impressed. I bragged about my second graders to everyone at school, because they were so good at keeping their fingers on the home row. We were able to move forward with typing book reports and documents because they were typing so well. I do think this website is good to use to introduce the keyboard and allow younger students to use it in order to learn where the letters are located. You need to start at an early age, so they don't form pecking habits.

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