Coding for the 2nd Grade Classroom

Submitted 3 years ago
Jana C.
Jana C.
Rosamond School
Riverton UT, US
My Rating

My Take

Overall I like this app. The children do as well. I think is it a great 'next step' into introduction to coding. It is always amazing to see their reaction when I say that we are going to learn how to 'talk to a computer'. I think it is great to point out that this is a simplified version of how programmers make their favorite video games.

This app is great for the beginners and an awesome extension to Robot Races. The students are successful in getting the character to move and then there are more challenging levels for students who are ready to try harder coding. This app is also a great launch pad to other more difficult coding apps.

This app has also become a great 'fast finisher' tool. Students can choose to do some 'coding' when they have finished required work. This is great for the students who do not like to 'read when finished' and yet some reading is happening without them even knowing it.

How I Use It

I used this as the next step after playing a type of board game called Robot Races (Alex Toys) in my 2nd grade classroom. This app was introduced during whole class instruction so that each student could see how the app worked. After the whole class introduction, some students were teamed up in pairs and others were allowed to try on their own, depending on reading skills, ability to follow directions, etc.