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Coding for the 2nd Grade Classroom

Overall I like this app. The children do as well. I think is it a great 'next step' into introduction to coding. It is always amazing to see their reaction when I say that we are going to learn how to 'talk to a computer'. I think it is great to point out that this is a simplified version of how programmers make their favorite video games. This app is great for the beginners and an awesome extension to Robot Races. The students are successful in getting the character to move and then there are more challenging levels for students who are ready to try harder coding. This app is also a great launch pad to other more difficult coding apps. This app has also become a great 'fast finisher' tool. Students can choose to do some 'coding' when they have finished required work. This is great for the students who do not like to 'read when finished' and yet some reading is happening without them even knowing it.
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Problem solving

This is a great beginning programing app for young students. It gives them confidence as they pass through levels and solve problems.
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Computer Science for Preschool and Kindergarten? Why, yes!!

Overall, I like the app and think it is very valuable, but should not be used without adult assistance until the words that are on the command block can be mastered by non-readers. I also think it is important for adults to be helping children understand that when they use apps like this, they are "practicing" the work of computer scientists...not just playing games!!
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Coding and Programming for Lower Elementary

I enjoy showing lower elementary teachers the fun that can be had with Daisy the Dinosaur app. Students can program what the dinosaur does on the screen. The app has two modes, free-play and challenge. In the free-play mode, students can explore all the different ways Daisy can move. In the challenge mode, students have to complete the tasks in front of them.
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Excellent introduction for younger students to sequencing.

Great for small group collaboration. At the basic level they can make the dinosaur 'move', 'spin', 'jump', 'grow' etc. At a more advanced level, 'repeat 5' and 'when' commands can be included. A free app, it is a good introduction for Hopscotch by the same developer.
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Great intro to the idea of programming for the youngest students

I was looking for a way to introduce the concept of "programming" to the youngest learners, and this fit the bill. It introduced the concept of writing instructions that the computer would follow in a simple way that the young students could understand. I liked that it had a directed mode and a free-play mode. The directed mode served two purposes in my mind - to introduce that a computer program solves a problem and to introduce the concept of programming. I liked that there were more commands in the free-play mode than were demonstrated in the directed mode. And I especially liked that it simply executed the commands - if Daisy grew too big for the screen, you could no longer see her head and feet. This really drove home the point that the computer does what the commands are. The only disappointment was that there was a limit to how many commands could be put in the window in the free play mode.
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