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Submitted 11 months ago
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This would be a great introduction or homework assignment. It could be a quick and easy way to assist children understand their local government. I think you'd become bored quickly if you played it for a long time because the game has you moving between citizens and government offices. It appeals to me because it gives me something to strive for. I like how everything is linked to civics points. My worries are with the repetitive nature of game activities and the use of Flash due to the iPad's inability to manage it.

How I Use It

The game is a wonderful way to learn about city government in general. After listening to them, you take them to the relevant government official. You must also monitor tax revenue and the number of residents. Great approach to get students interested in local government. Individual practice might be a homework assignment with a financial award for the most population, resident approval, and four-year tenure. The next day, the students would be separated into small groups to discuss their experiences with the residents' wishes.