Good Tool to Make a Point but Can Get Repetitive

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think this is a good intro or homework activity. It can be something quick and easy to give kids understanding of local government. If you stayed on it long periods of time, I think you would get bored quick as the motions in the game are the same as you go back and forth between citizens and offices. I like the fact it has the taxes and citizen numbers tied in, as it gives something to strive for. I also like the fact this all connects to Icivics points.

My issues are the repetitive game actions, and I want companies to move away from Flash because of the inability of Ipads to handle it

How I Use It

I think the game is a good way to get some experience with local government overall. Basically, you listen to citizens and then take them to the government office they need to go to. You also have to watch the taxes coming in and the number of citizens. This would be a good tool to introduce students to local government. You can't spend much time on it though as the game play is a little repetitive. You go back and forth with citizens the entire time. You could also have students use it for practice as homework.