A great platform for creating animations, games, and other interactive 3D content!

Submitted 3 years ago
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I think the marketing of the platform doesn't do it justice - it is an incredible platform for expression, creativity, and creating amazing 3D content, and VR/AR is just one of the ways of viewing the content students create.

I love it - my students are finding innovative ways of using the platforms features to do things the creators of the platform probably haven't even thought of!

How I Use It

I've been using CoSpaces Edu for 3 years in my Digital Tech clubs. I use it for introducing students to 3D content creation & coding concepts, with outputs including game development, animated movies, puzzles, interactive storytelling, and simulation. I provide ready-to-use contexts for students, but also give them the freedom to create their own. Providing reference materials (videos and docs) to support their learning outside of class has been important in giving students agency to solve their own problems.

Most of my students don't have VR headsets or mobile phones, so we tend to focus on laptop/desktop outputs.