CoolMath as a resource, CoolMathGames as practice.

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I would give this site 5 stars as a student who wants to play games and not realize they are learning and using my skills in mathematics. However, from a teaching perspective I must demote the site by one as some of the games are not as mathematics learning oriented as I would like them to be. I would like to point out the two different sides of this site; and There is a great difference between the two has lessons on different levels of mathematics, example problems, a math dictionary, plenty of images, and more. I think this site has more to offer than its reputation lets us believe.
For the sister site students can use skills they have learned in their education; problem solving, critical thinking, area, rotation, direction, analyze, draw connections. Some games may not seem useful, but they are testing the student’s abilities to think critically, analyze the situation quickly, plan, and solve problems. For example, Pool Geometry is based around angles and problem solving. In what direction should the player shoot the cue ball to hit another ball into a pocket. Students must break down what angles are possible and after each ball is hit how are they going to move.

How I Use It

I would use this site as a reference in my classroom as students could look up anything they need to in the math dictionary, they would have an opportunity to practice some of their skills, and they could reference this site along with their notes as a refresher or to rephrase their notes. I would say this site covers a lot of levels of mathematics but not all of them; pre-algebra, algebra, and a trigonometry/geometry reference page.