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This is a wonderful website which keeps kids engaged and provides lots of kid-friendly, fun games

Although it has suffered slightly as a result of adobe flash player shutting down, there are still lots of great games that can help students, especially elementary and middle-schoolers, to practice applications of math and critical thinking. Frankly, I would rather student play these games than just about any other video game. The only slight issue is the malware in the ads, but I use this as a learning tool to teach students to avoid getting scammed.
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Easy to get sidetracked

I don't think Coolmath Games is a good resource for teachers to use because most of the games students play do not teach or enforce math. If the goal is to have students practice math, other sites should be used. This resource has a variety of different games, however it does enforce much educational value to its users. I have used Coolmath as a student and none of the games I played were math related. Some of the popular games were Papa's Taco Mia or Sugar Sugar, both of which offer no educational value at all. If it were to be used as a resource tool, the teacher would have to closely monitor each student to ensure they are not playin games that don't contribute to learning.
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"Good" with students learning their addition and subtraction skills.

You shouldn't use this unless your trying to just let your students play games.
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People should do their research before blowing up a website with bad reviews.

All these "teachers" are saying he site is filled to the brim with malware and spyware. Just use an ad-blocker to prevent the kids from clicking on the malicious ads that are there. No visibility, no chance. All these teachers are also saying that the site is completely useless yet this site is great for leaning strategy, increasing reading skills, and general problem solving skills for all ages. It looks appealing to the younger generation and is identified as a gaming website so it attracts a ton of traffic every year. There is nothing bad with that. Most of these teachers teach algebra, calculus, just any form of basic math and completely dismiss this site as it doesn't involve their actual subject directly. Once again the site identifies itself as a gaming website created be the people who made an actually educational website: that actually does focus on mathematics and reading skills, but not necessarily strategy, and general problem solving. People should do their research before blowing up a website with bad reviews.
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its fun for them give use some time to grade other class

it's fun for the kids
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Amazing Website For kids

This website is amazing for kids. I am a father of 2 and they love this website. I checked the reviews and I just wanna say that they are not lying about anything, but its not the sites issue. The reason that people are getting viruses is the ads. Those people pay coolmath to show there advertisement. The advertisement is the one with the virus. Just do not click on any ads and stay on the website then you should be fine!
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Too much clickbait!

I think this website is not applicable for learning and a waste of time. The games and activities do not support the skills educators are teaching. There is too much clickbait and ads that surface while on the site that distracts students.
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No Educational Content, Just for Play

This is not a teaching tool at all, although kids love playing it and the games, I use it as a reward time for kids.
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Thin line between love and hate.

This is not a teaching tool for secondary school. My students love it because of the games, but learn nothing. It is not something I recommend as an instructional tool. If I use it, it is because they ask for it and I need something that will keep them engaged and quiet for a sub.
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Games Not Math

This is not a teaching tool; it is a game that could be played at recess. The organization of the site is confusing and not student friendly. There are ads before every game that could lead to misclicks and lead them astray from the games.
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