The computer class classic is better than ever!

Submitted 7 years ago
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All of the features that made the original Incredible Machine game are still present in Contraption Maker and enhanced by the online community. This game is a fantastic way for students to solve problems and share their solutions with a larger audience. The options in this game make it appealing for all learners - whether in puzzle mode or free-form creation, every student will be engaged by Contraption Maker. It's a perfect fit for students in upper elementary through middle school.

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Almost everyone who took a computer class in the late 90s probably has fond memories of The Incredible Machine. Contraption Maker is a fantastic update to the original game. This game could fit in a variety of school settings - science, tech class, summer learning, after-school, and more. On the surface, this game is about basic concepts in physics like gravity and velocity, but the underlying creative thinking and problem-solving skills are universal. While the game is structured enough that students won't find it too hard, it's open-ended enough that advanced learners will never be bored.

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