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Fun and educational

I like how interactive and playful it is and how it allows customization
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great way to test student's problem solving skills in a fun and interactive way!

Overall I definitely recommend this product for teachers to use in the classroom. It really gets the child thinking and forces them to act strategically, while still having the activity be fun and interactive. This program was very easy to set up and a student can definitely navigate around it on their own. Theres even a part on the program where students can create machines from scratch which requires them to creative and think outside the box. Overall, it's an excellent program that can definitely teach a child great problem solving skills and utilize their creativity and knowledge in a fun and interactive way.
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Love it! Brings back memories!

I used to love this game when I was younger. I am so excited to be able to share this with my class. The students enjoy playing this game because it's FUN and little do they know they're actually learning!
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My students have LOVED this creative, FUN way to learn physics and employ problem solving!!!

I highly recommend this product!! Boys as well as girls love trying to solve the puzzles. They experience a multitude of educational lessons while having FUN!!!!!
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Creatively Critical Contraption Maker

I like how the program scaffolds the content for learners. You can start with a puzzle that is almost complete and you have a few tools to choose from to fix it. Then you can move onto puzzles that have a few parts, but need a lot of work. You also have the Maker Lab where students can create contraptions from scratch that require an immense amount of creativity and critical thinking. The tutorial videos are very beneficial because they walk you through all of the different parts of the program. These videos are a great way to differentiate for students because students can go at their own pace. Finally, I LOVE how the creators have incorporated computer programming through mods. Excellent program!!
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Keeps students engaged

This tool keeps the students excited and engaged. It's the first year it's been used with 4-5th graders. It's working well in conjunction with our STEM curriculum.
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The computer class classic is better than ever!

All of the features that made the original Incredible Machine game are still present in Contraption Maker and enhanced by the online community. This game is a fantastic way for students to solve problems and share their solutions with a larger audience. The options in this game make it appealing for all learners - whether in puzzle mode or free-form creation, every student will be engaged by Contraption Maker. It's a perfect fit for students in upper elementary through middle school.
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Interactive Machine Making Program to Test Your Problem Solving Skills

Contraption Maker is an amazing game that I highly recommend teachers download for students who love machines and Science. I contacted the company and they provided me with a link to easily download the software. I liked that the setup was easy and the students were able to use a fully functioning program within five minutes. I think this would be a great program to introduce simple machines to students. It's highly interactive and students love trying to problem solve each puzzle board. My students cheered when we went back to the program on a second and third day!
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