Constitutions from around the world!

Submitted 9 years ago
Karen P.
Karen P.
Detroit Academy of Arts And Sciences
Detroit MI, US
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Overall this site is not bad but very bland. It offers each countries constitution in two different forms. Each constitution is shown as is so the language can be complex and over many students' heads especially special education students, ELL students and/or those who struggle with reading. It is very bland, no fancy graphics or interactive aspects. It's plain and simple which can be helpful with navigation however it's not very appealing for students. It also does not offer a whole lot for teachers where other sites offer lessons or ideas. Overall I would use this but not as your only source. I would look for help elsewhere.

How I Use It

This site would be helpful if you were exploring countries around the world. It gives you each countries constitution and you can download them as a pdf or html. It's a great resource and you can easily navigate through the site to find exactly what you are looking for.