Great for analysis and comparison of primary source documents.

Submitted 9 years ago
Patricia T.
Patricia T.
Ridge High School
Basking Ridge NJ, US
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My Take

Overall, I find it to be a great teaching and information resource. It definitely helps to strengthen lessons and give specific examples, but is primarily content based with no further analysis. The website is a great starting point for many social studies lessons, but the lessons would have to be tailored to what one specifically wants students to take away for the site.

How I Use It

One of my major goals in teaching is to have students understand what exactly a primary source is and then be able to actually analyze the document. This website is great for any social studies class for analyzing historical and primary documents. It is also a great resource for students to not only explore the policies of our own government, but of others around the world. It can serve as a great teaching resource when trying to compare and contrast countries and what they were founded on, but could also be an activity for students who might have a particular interest outside of what is covered in class.