Kids connect cute blobs in puzzle-style game.


Challenging game connects math and logical thinking with fun

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Critical Thinking, Math

Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Trial-and-error approach and increasing challenges encourage kids to keep learning and progressing.

Cons: Lack of hints and instructions could frustrate some kids, and ads may be distracting.

Bottom Line: Fun, addictive game challenges kids to use logical thinking and build problem-solving skills.

Although it's math-based, Connect'Em doesn't neatly align with any particular learning objectives for older kids. It could be fun, therefore, to use the game as a reward for kids who do well on a classroom assignment or exam. You might even create your own class leaderboard to keep track of high scores and challenge kids to get their names at the top of the board. For younger kids, you could use the game to help them learn about numbers. Since kids have to read a number on a blob and then make that same number of blob connections, they'll learn by doing. 

Connect'Em is a math game that challenges kids to connect blobs in such a way that the number of connections matches the number shown on the blob. For example, if a blob has the numeral 3 on it, there must be exactly three connections to other blobs. If kids get the number of connections correct, the blob turns green. If kids don't make the correct number of connections, the blob turns red. The app provides three different modes of play: Challenge, Arcade, and Time Attack. In Challenge mode, which includes 50 worlds with 100 levels each, kids earn the most points for using the fewest number of moves in the shortest amount of time. They must complete each level to unlock the next one, and all 100 levels to move on to a new world. In Arcade mode, kids can play at the easy, medium, or hard level. Games are timed and scored, but it's more of a free-play opportunity since levels don't have to be unlocked. In Time Attack mode, kids play against the clock to achieve the best time for each level. It's important to note that the app does display ads and links to buy other games from the developer. Ads can be turned off for a small fee. 

Kids learn about numbers and use basic addition, subtraction, and logical-thinking skills while playing Connect'Em. With 5,000 levels in Challenge mode alone, the game works for a range of ages. As they experiment with different arrangements of blob connections, kids learn through trial and error, which is an excellent way to build problem-solving skills. The game gets more challenging as kids complete levels, keeping the learning potential high. And because they'll want to improve their previous scores, kids will likely push themselves to keep trying and learning.    

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Graphics look pretty simple, but figuring out how to connect the blobs is fun and addictive.


Levels increase in difficulty, and trial-and-error approach helps kids build strong problem-solving skills.


You won't find any instructions or hints with this app; however, a tutorial video is posted on the developer's website.

Common Sense reviewer

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A simple game at first quickly changes to a brain teaser and fun learning exercise

The game is a little confusing at first to understand precisely what the goal is but once you get a few levels in it is obvious and entertaining! It challenges the mind and is a good brain exercise. It could even be a good game to start class with to get the student brains warmed up.

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