Fun, gamified learning of coding and computational thinking!

Submitted 4 years ago
Nicole G.
Nicole G.
Macarthur K 8 Academy
Lathrup Village MI, US
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My Take

I have used this project with my kids and my students. I think it is a great tool to teach coding. One caveat: if you are using Codespark on Chromebooks or older desktops, it can take a while to load.

How I Use It

I use this app with my K-2 students to teach coding concepts. The students love the characters and the puzzles. I love the options that Codespark gives teachers: you can lock down certain sections until you want students to access them. The app can be used on Chromebooks and desktops. I also love that the app is visual, and not text based, which makes is perfect for K-2 or for learners with special needs.