is a great program on introducing computer programming to all students. I had the opportunity to host an event at my school and my teachers were able to engage and learn on how to begin a coding program at their school.

Submitted 4 years ago
Veronica B.
Veronica B.
Gutierrez Middle School
Harlingen TX, US
My Rating

My Take

I believe is a great tool for all students. My bilingual teachers are able to use the tool using the Spanish language. Differentiation instruction can be applied and teachers are able to facilitate their students while they complete a tutorial and then apply. I even used the tool with my teachers in having them create a short storyboard after completing a tutorial course. They were excited and engaged throughout the process and realized how effective the tool was in promoting student's creative and critical thinking.

How I Use It

My teachers use it to have their students design storyboards using algorithms. Students were engaged because we were able to pair them up for pair programming and they were able to visualize their final product. provides a visual to students' error and supports their work when a difficult stage occurs.