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Great website for young students to learn coding

Very engaging for young students to get their feet in the door of the world of computer science and coding. Teaches the students the basics like running the code, compiling, and using cartoon avatars(Sprites) to keep students engaged and keep them progressing in their skills. Eventually this website and spark their interest in computer science, and allow them to express this as a future career pathway which can be a very encouraging sign in today's society.
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This is a great website for anyone to learn about coding.

I believe this is a great tool for children that are interested in learning Computer Science. It's too easy for students that previously have coding experiences but it allows the students to at least think like a programmer. I believe they need more hints for some of the exercises because I remembered I was doing the advanced questions and I got stuck on them. My teacher doesn't know how to solve it so it was a really frustrating experience to figure it out.
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Fantastic way to introduce coding to younger students in a interesting and engaging manner

The great variety of activities that provides allows for students to not lose interest whilst also learn how to critically think in a diverse number of situations. The normally dry subject of coding becomes an engaging event for students to look forwards to in their day, whilst not overwhelming them in knowledge that they may not be interested in. Overall, this app is a great introductory tool to the world of coding.
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Jugando con el código de aprendizaje. todos podemos aprender.

Aprender la hora del código. Es mejorar, aprender jugando , con los alumnos mismo experimenten y los códigos y lo bloques.
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Easy to get and use! is a good teaching tool because it is easy to get and help students to develop their critical thinking skills. It contains engaging activities that allow students to work individually. I like that is useful for elementary, middle, and high school. As a teacher assistant of elementary school, I believe that will help students to develop computational thinking and problem solving. Also, I like that the activities are very creative and engaging, and it has challenging activities for students to learn ad develop problem solving skills. The app encourages students to use and develop their critical thinking skills. It is very helpful that has more than one language for the English language learners.
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Coding that encourages critical thinking is free and without advertisements or requests to purchase additional content. It teaches coding to students, beginning at the pre-reader stage. There are unplugged activities provided to bridge the plugged activities, so students gain a deeper understanding of the coding concepts.
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Coding for kids!

I have used it in the past for the Hour of Code, but with recent training I will be using it more and have the students set up their own accounts. For Hour of Code, my students love it and enjoy seeing how video games are put together with directions from a person.
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Easy to get coding!

I loved this! I saw so much subject integration opportunities and really saw the connection between the unplugged and plugged activities.
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Great tool for all ages and ability levels!

Overall, I feel this is a great free resource for teachers to get students excited about computer science! The future workforce will need more people trained in coding and it doesn't hurt to start young!
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Courses that allow student engagement at many different levels

I have used different parts of and I really love it all. I think they have the teacher in mind in providing resources and classroom organization. I have used their help and support and they have always responded to me in a timely manner. One problem I have seen is that since many teachers are now using it, some students came into my class already having done some of the curriculum. But the good news is, they have places where kids can go to play and challenge themselves. Also, there is a great resource in the Teacher Forum. I have read ideas other teachers have done to assess or add to lessons.
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