The program and the support is AMAZING! This curriculum is an awesome opportunity for a child as early as 4 years old to be introduced to computer science!

Submitted 4 years ago
Candice D.
Candice D.
Beacon Heights Elementary
Riverdale MD, US
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My Take

I am truly pleased with The training that was offered to me in the Baltimore office location was AMAZING! The manual and support that is provided helps to make effective. The instructor shared her information so that I could even call to get understanding if I needed more help. The instructor was even willing to train my other teammates . The lesson plans and the videos to get the children engaged are AWESOME! I think it is wonderful how the program can be used all the way into the high school years. This program allows students to become little engineers! Each session allows the student to learn and to elevate. The program allows the learner to manipulate and give immediate feedback. I'm very pleased with!

How I Use It

My class consist of 40 prekindergarten students. While at the computer lab the children work on I was totally impressed how the log in time and how accessible it is for young learners. Prekindergarten learns through play and using makes them feel as though they are playing. I have some students that are very shy and truly fear speaking but once they were exposed to the activities on I've noticed cheering , giggles, and smiles. I enjoy using in the lab but it can be used independently during centers, at home, etc.