Easy to use great tutorials gets students of all ages and abilities excited about coding.

Submitted 8 years ago
Darren H.
Darren H.
Lexington Public Schools
Lexington NE, US
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My Take

I use Code.org because it provides a learning environment for all ages and for all learning abilities within a classroom. With the self-paced lessons it allows students to move at their pace keeping them engaged and allowing me as a teacher to help students without slowing the pace of other students.

How I Use It

I used this with students in 6th-8th grade to introduce coding. I used it as a self paced student activity as students followed the tutorials and completed the tasks. The tutorials were outstanding and easy to follow. My students were engaged and learned the basics of coding. I had a few students that were ready to move past the tutorials and start coding on their own. This site didn't allow those students to create their own projects with their own code.