Great tool to introduce elementary students to coding!

Submitted 8 years ago
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We have some students who do not speak English, they were very successful using this site. I noticed that some of the students that struggle in reading and math in the classroom, caught on rather quickly and were thrilled that they could complete a task without help. I also noticed that some students who do well in classroom, found coding frustrating. The greatest observation I made was students, helping other students and collaborating with each other to achieve a common goal. Students as young as five years old cold use this site. I just concentrated on the older students hoping to spark some interest in coding, I ignited a fire!
I can't wait to continue using this site after winter break!

How I Use It

A student first introduced me to coding and this website. He was using it at home and was very much involved with it. The first time I looked at it, I wasn't too excited about it, thinking it may be too difficult for me to teach to the class in the 45 minutes that I have them. I thought I would give it a whirl when the older computers that we have were freezing. I introduced them to the site, told them a little bit about coding and let them try it out. To my delight the fifth and sixth grade students were completely absorbed with this site! We were doing the "Hour of Code" I was hoping the computers would not freeze. After doing this for two 45 minute periods, the computers were working and the students were very much engaged, I decided to sign in, create classes, and spend more time on this site after winter break.