is great website to learn from as both a teacher and student! Helpful tutorials, practice, and more!

Submitted 9 years ago
Shannon K.
Shannon K.
Polton Community Elementary School
Aurora CO, US
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My Take

I thought this was great tool to introduce coding to several different grade levels. I liked that there were so many coding opportunities in one place! It was also very helpful to me as the teacher, further explaining coding. There was a nice variety for students to pick from and plenty of support for both student and teaching learning. Students could find a niche in one of the coding websites or apps and extend elsewhere (other websites, apps, clubs...).

How I Use It

This website was another good way to start to introduce coding. There is a a short video that is optional when you first get on to the website. Various business owners, inventors, athletes, etc. present information on how they use coding in their businesses and personal loves. From there students can explore different websites with actual practice and or tutorials. There also links to teaching and promoting code. I used this website to introduce code in the classroom and then piggy- backed coding apps and mini lessons for Scratch after.