A great and engaging site! Also great for teachers who are new to coding!

Submitted 6 years ago
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I am new to teaching coding as a class and CodeHS was a TOTAL life saver for me. The Pro version has an amazing Learning Management System that allows me to view progress, scores, and allows students to send questions to me for help. The lesson plans that they supply are useful and easy to follow, even if your knowledge of the subject is a bit limited. If you are a teacher who is hesitant about teaching coding because you don't feel like you have enough personal knowledge, then you should definitely try CodeHS. Your students can move at their own pace and the support team at CodeHS is very responsive.

How I Use It

I use CodeHS to teach a programming course at a career center. I have students of varying abilities and one thing I love is that students can progress at their own pace or follow along with the pace I set for the class. I didn't have a ton of experience with teaching coding before starting this class and I would suggest this for any teacher who is comfortable with technology.