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Great tool for younger students to learn coding in interactive ways!
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Love CodeHS for AP Computer Science !

I would highly recommend CodeHS for computer teachers in need of quick web-based curriculum. I recommend supplementing lessons with off-line activities for younger learners. CodeHS AP Computer Science curriculum has been invaluable for us. The price is hefty for our small school, but worth the in-depth tutorials and exercises.
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A great and engaging site! Also great for teachers who are new to coding!

I am new to teaching coding as a class and CodeHS was a TOTAL life saver for me. The Pro version has an amazing Learning Management System that allows me to view progress, scores, and allows students to send questions to me for help. The lesson plans that they supply are useful and easy to follow, even if your knowledge of the subject is a bit limited. If you are a teacher who is hesitant about teaching coding because you don't feel like you have enough personal knowledge, then you should definitely try CodeHS. Your students can move at their own pace and the support team at CodeHS is very responsive.
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A great product to introduce and also further students knowledge of Computer Science.

This product as a teaching tool is very good for students who are interested in Computer Science.
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Good site for AP Computer Science students and teachers!

I really like that the site is great resource for new computer science teachers as well as a good learning and review tool for students.
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Great way to teach students to code, goes slow and has lots of references to help the students along every step.

This was a great tool. I liked that the students could work at their own pace. Teachers can see the students progress. I really have no suggestions to make this program better, it is a great tool to teach students to learn how to code.
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If you don't have a background in coding, but want your students to learn it, this is the site for you!

Being that I do not have a background in computer science, I have given CodeHS a try. It allows me to learn right alongside my students. My students love coding, and love being able to control Karel. As mentioned previously, if you have YouTube blocked, you may have problems with the videos. Overall, a great coding tool
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Great site for basics in coding!

This is great to start the introduction to code. It is not for advanced users. But, I found that the students enjoyed learning the basics.
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An engaging site for students new to computer programming concepts

The instruction is not intimidating and easy to follow through. I like the way how the instructor make programming a fun experience for the students. I would love using this tool for my web page design class; however, it's too expensive for the students.
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This is a great way to get kids interested in coding which involves a lot of problem solving

Loved this. Kids went crazy trying to get the right codes to solve the problems.
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