Java Script Coding through a gaming world!

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a great interactive coding website that made it more fun than just coding in general. However, I would say that it would not be applicable for elementary students. If so, you would have to have an after school class to host students who were definitely interested to take part of it. It reminds me a bit like World of Warcraft meets Harry Potter in the realm of Java Script coding.

How I Use It

This would be a great website to have students learn more about javascript coding through an animated game based world. I would use it after school or perhaps in a STEM lab type of environment. I teach elementary school and it seems like it would most likely be applicable for 5th graders or even some of my advanced 4th graders. This would be more catered to middle or high schoolers. Some of the vocabulary was high for my students. There was a lot going on on one screen and some of my kids who weren't gamers at home, struggled with this. If I had students who were gamers, they excelled quickly.