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Ruby is an excellent programming language for beginners -- kids can pick it up in a flash with this Codecademy tutorial. The lessons don't expect students to have any prior coding background, so the course starts off slowly, teaching the basics without overwhelming. However, teachers may want to provide deeper background on Ruby, including example websites and apps, since very little of that kind of information is provided here. These may help motivate students as they go through the early -- less exciting -- lessons. Most students will be able to complete the course without much outside support. Occasionally, Codecademy tells students they're correct when they actually aren't, though, so teachers should stay involved and conduct assessments, even as students work on their own. Also, consider placing students in teams to create a larger Ruby project. Codecademy doesn't have any built-in collaborative coding opportunities other than its Q&A Forum, so you'll need to do this yourself.

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Free interactive site learn different types of programming languages.

As I teach computers I love the way the lessons are interactive and broken down for the students. I use to have to make my own lessons and teach whole class but this provides students with the ability to move at their own pace. I like the idea of projects and besides the tutorial to learn the code there is also the opportunity to create your own website as well as other projects. Great real world examples.

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