Code Land - Coding for Kids

Substantial subscription-based coder offers lots of levels, few supports

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Price: Free to try
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Large variety of puzzles to match a range of skill levels.

Cons: There's no help when students struggle to solve a level.

Bottom Line: This one app takes students from knowing nothing about coding to creating their own simple multiplayer games, but there's little help along the way.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Teachers can use Code Land - Coding for Kids to introduce basic coding concepts, or challenge more experienced coders with something new. Read the short game descriptions available from the info menu of each "land" to learn more about the concepts behind the games. Beginners should start in Logic Land, where logic games focus on general tasks such as forming a path that leads a robot to its end goal. Though the website indicates that all players need to start with the entry level, experienced coders can jump right to Multiplayer Land, where they'll use advanced coding commands to program their performance in a game against the app or against a friend. Or they can dive into Create Land, which is more of a sandbox environment. There's no placement test, so students or teachers will have to choose for themselves where to start. And regardless of students' skill level, teachers will need to be on hand, as there's little feedback or guidance in the app to help students when they struggle.

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Bright colors and cute graphics have high kid appeal. Sometimes repetition across levels feels tedious, and without meaningful feedback, students who don't get the concept may lose interest.


Through drag-and-drop block coding puzzles and games, students experiment with lots of coding-related concepts such as logical thinking, sequencing, loops, functions, conditionals, and more.


Basic graphics demonstrate new concepts, but there's little help after that. Students can see which levels they've passed. No progress information for teachers.

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