Awesome tool for the classroom! Offers great visuals for students of all ages!

Submitted 4 years ago
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I really enjoyed using ClassroomScreen. One of the first things that I noticed right away is that I can change the background. I would change the background based on the topic that we are discussing. I could also change it to a moving background to add a calming visual for my students that need to slow down. When I want to use my board interactively, I choose the drawing tool. I can give written examples directly on the board. With that, I liked using the random name tool. It helps me call on a student to come up to the board instead of picking one myself. I think this keeps an even balance on who is called on within the classroom. Another tool I like using is the stop light. I use it for volume control. There is a volume control tool which has visuals as well as the words for how loudly the class is talking, but I like the stoplight because my students have been able to relate it to something they see everyday. When working in our Daily 5, I find myself using the timer a lot! The students like to be able to keep track of how much longer they have on their work. It also works wonderfully for timed tests! For ELL students, there is a tool in which you can change the language. The downside is, it changes the language for everything (all of the tools) but it could be very beneficial for those students who need to be able to see what is happening. Overall, I highly recommend ClassroomScreen. It works for all ages and grades of students. It is a very useful tool which offers great visuals for students.

How I Use It

Using ClassroomScreen is very simple. First, choose the background. You can also choose the language you would like it in. The ClassroomScreen offers tools like a Stoplight which can be used for volume control, a timer, a tool which says "whisper, silence, work together" and more. I think it works great with rotations like the Daily 5 to give students a visual reminder of how much time is left or how loud they should be speaking. I would use the random name tool to call students up to the board to show their work or be the 'teacher' for a question. ClassroomScreen is simply a classroom TOOL.