Class Dojo is the bomb!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

As a teaching tool, I have not used it yet for that specifically. More for the social and behavior aspects. I can add on class stories things we are doing and assignments, pictures of homework due, etc. We have also used the mindset videos which are great!

How I Use It

I use Class Dojo on a daily basis in Kindergarten. We use class story to highlight what is going on in our classroom with video's, posts and messages. We also use it for the collection of points for rewards, more specifially, the Treasure Box. When they reach 25 points for different behaviors, they get to have a Treasure box day! The kids love it. I have used the music during bell work, the timer during an activity. I have not used the portfolio section as of yet. We love this program. I love that I can add videos and that we have a little Dojo "facebook" of our own. The parents can comment and like. I also like that i know WHO has viewed things. I use it as a messaging platform along with remind. I will continue to use this on a daily basis next year!