The perfect way to light the fire of excitement for curious students!

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I would LOVE to work as a demonstrator for your company if you ever decide to go that route in Utah. Check my profile on LinkedIn if you are interested. As far as constructive criticism, all I have is that I've never heard of this program before.... Word needs to get out! I would urge you to take advantage of this opportunity and check out my profile. and…

How I Use It

With the kids in my class, we use it track their learning, record lessons learned, and use a reward system based on performance. BTW, according to the 1 - 5 rating above, the first two questions were "or" questions. I answered them as 1 & 2 more along the lines of the first example and 4 & 5 along the lines of the second example. I suppose the 3 would be the middle of the road. Thought I would clarify in case of confusion.