Perfect way to keep them engaged in their own behavior management.

Submitted 7 years ago
Sparkle P.
Sparkle P.
Special education teacher
K–12 school
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This is a great product for training students to be aware of their behavior, it helps because of the auditory cues that let students know when someone has received or lost a point. Students get very competitive about receiving the points. Teachers must be diligent about being consistent about how they give and take points.

How I Use It

Class Dojo is a behavior management, parental engagement tool. I use it in many ways. Students receive and lose points based upon their behavior and actions, these points could then be used for rewards; both individual and class. It is used to track who is reading, who is working during small group and individual work.When parents are connected to the Dojo it is easy for them to see how will their child is doing that day. Pictures are used and posted in the class story portion of DOJO and students love to see themselves up there.