Fun and engaging behavior enhancement tool!

Submitted 8 years ago
Kaily K.
Kaily K.
Tri County Elementary School
De Witt NE, US
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My Take

Class Dojo has completely turned my classroom behavior around! Students are working harder than they ever had to earn points, and it's making me as a teacher become more aware of the positive actions going on around my classroom. All in all, it makes the teachers and students work hard!

How I Use It

I use Class Dojo to help create a positive learning environment for my students. I have students work towards a specific goal, for example they might work towards 30 points. Once they hit 30 points there is a classroom reward they can choose, or they can work to the next goal of 50 points, where there is a better reward for them to choose.

Class Dojo can be a little bit distracting at times for students. It's fun to look at the board and see the different characters and how many points they have, but it's a little distracting, too.

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