Class Dojo is a great management tool lending versatility for all educators!

Submitted 7 years ago
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Overall, Class Dojo is a great way to manage a classroom in a variety of ways. It lends great access for teachers to use and it's fairly simple to implement into a classroom according to the teachers individual style.

It's great to keep projected on a Promethean board during independent or small group instruction. Even if the teacher is away from the board, he/she can still interact with Dojo using a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop. I even continue to reward points in the hallway using a wireless device. The points still project on the board for students to see when they return to the classroom.

It's been very helpful keeping in contact with parents and making sure they are aware of their child's progress or most recent behaviors. The only issue I have experienced with Class Dojo is the websites reliability. Sometimes the server goes down and does not display my class for an extended period of time. The reason for this is due to the high amount of users on the system at once. This only reinforces the fact that Class Dojo is growing, and more and more educators are using it in their classroom.

How I Use It

I started using Class Dojo when I was student teaching and have been committed to the management tool ever since. Over the years, the program has made significant advancements regarding its user-friendliness and simple home-school connections. Today, I use Dojo as a behavior management tool for my entire class of 27 third graders. Each student is characterized by a monster icon in which they receive positive and negative feedback throughout the day. I have personalized the rewards according to on/off task behavior, homework/assignment completions, transitional efficiency, respect for others, collaboration, and overall effort. As I think of a new reward or consequence specific for my group of learners, it's easily added to the feedback screen using the settings preference.

I've also been able to create a management system in accordance to my school's PBIS system using Class Dojo. My school uses the idea of chess pieces (Pawn, Bishop, Knight) as a way for students to 'move up,' similar to the common 'stoplight' (red, yellow, green) concept teachers use. With Knight being the daily goal, my students must reach a certain amount of points on Class Dojo to be considered a 'Knight'. Any other amount of points, they fall into the category of Bishop or Pawn. I've found this strategy to be efficient and effective, especially during the challenging time of dismissal as we conclude our daily instruction. Not only have I used Dojo for individual points and rewards, it's a great tool to keep the whole group engaged as well. As a class, we decided on an amount of points for each day. Considering the amount of points the class receives, a positive incentive is put into place as a celebration. It's been a great way for students to work together to achieve a common goal, and accomplish something as a group.

In addition to student use within the classroom, it's a fantastic way for parents and teachers to easily communicate as well. Teachers can simply add parents' email accounts to view their child's behavior report, contact the teacher through the messenger application, or simply stay up to date on their child's progress in class.