Fun monsters help with classroom management.

Submitted 8 years ago
My Rating

My Take

I really like this program. It fills a need I have to keep track of my student's behavior. I also like the random call feature. Students enjoy seeing their avatars when I project this site on my board. I would like it better if there was an option to write an optional note to the student with each point. Overall I would recommend this to another teacher and I plan on using it again next year.

How I Use It

I use this to keep track of student's behavior for citizenship grades. My students enjoyed creating their avatars and seeing when they got points. I like that it gives a chime when students get a positive point. I gives a different sound when I give negative points. Students responded poorly to getting negative points, so I started keeping track of this without the sound. I like that I have a record of behavior when it comes to the end of the term so I can assign a citizenship grade based recorded behavior. Another feature I love is the random call feature. I use this all the time to call on students! My students like that they get a positive point for answering a question.